A pond adds a unique tranquility to any outdoor living area. The sound of water babbling across a rock fall or a fountain brings a sense of peace. Having a pond doesn’t have to be hard work. As experts with over 10 years experience we can help you with the setup of your pond and can help with a wealth of knowledge to keep your pond looking its best. Choosing the right fish, the right plants and the right accessories is about finding an aesthetic balance whilst maintaining a healthy environment for your ponds survival.

You’ll also find some useful tips and tricks designed to help you maintain a clean and healthy pond. 

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All of our goods are shipped from our West Australian store using the most cost effective method at the time of your order.  Sometimes delay’s occur when our goods are given to couriers, so if you are worried, drop us a line and we will be happy to resolve any issues.
Sorry we don’t ship fish due to the stress this places on the animals and our staff.  You are welcome to purchase online and collect in store.